Virtual MicroGrid Feasibility Study

In the overall context of the SENSE project, MCN plans to conduct an investigation into the feasibility of creating a Virtual Microgrid using the Enosi Energy Powertracer software, with Energy Locals as the retailer. This study would require the cooperation of approximately ten households and one larger property with a significant solar & battery installation in the study area (negotiations are currently underway to secure that larger property for the study; two locations are possibilities in Marysville and Buxton, and one or both may be used in the feasibility study).

In addition to exploring the opportunities for trading electricity between MicroGrid participants, the study will also examine the potential for delivering FCAS (Frequency Control Ancillary Service) financial benefits. This installation could be a pilot project for the more comprehensive SENSE project proposed by MCN. This feasibility study would include:

-  recruitment of a set of households and businesses to participate in the project,

-  assembly of their electricity smart meter NMI readings for a 12 month period,

-  analysis of the NMI data,

-  modelling of the potential Virtual MicroGrid performance, and

-  comparison with actual outcomes as measured in a 12 month trial of Powertracer.

The model could then simulate potential outcomes under a variety of assumptions, such as the impacts of a change in network charging tariffs to encourage local generation and consumption of electricity. The proposed feasibility study would require no additional hardware, and would rely only on the PowerTracer software developed by Enosi Energy.