Farm Forestry Site Feasibility Study

This project is a Feasibility Study of the establishment of a Farm Forestry (AgroForestry) plantation on land controlled by Murrindindi Shire Council. Such a study would demonstrate the feasibility of Council (and other private land owners) developing an AgroForestry plantation on marginal agricultural land which would have three main outputs: production of high-quality timber at the end of the 25-year rotation, creation of jobs in the AgroForestry sector and creation of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU) which could be used to partially offset Council emissions and assist in achieving a net-zero-emissions target by 2050.

Using an existing Council land site as an example, this multi-disciplinary study would replicate all the steps required if such land was to be converted to an AgroForestry site. This would include assessment of site suitability, digging of soil-pits and the associated soil testing regime, species selection, plantation layout design, regulatory approvals, preparation of all paperwork required for registration of the site as an approved carbon offset creator, and a full economic analysis of the estimated costs and benefits of the project over the expected lifetime of the project.  The principal project staff would be Tony Richardson, Clinton Tepper and John Woodley.